Whole lotta fun in Holetown

Steel band from London in action.
Steel band from London in action.

A mix of local and international talent fused with the peaceful sounds of waves washing the shore over the past two nights as the Holetown Festival continued with a free sunset concerts at the Surfside Restaurant and Bar.

Emerging talent from the island was the main feature on the first night of entertainment, with Richard Stoute Teen Talent finalist Kibbibi Greenidge, Chereece Chandler and Cristal Austin taking to the stage. Rhapsody of Barbados also thrilled an appreciative audience.

The London/Holetown Night also featured the Haringey Young Musicians jazz band out of London, a staple of the festival. It’s steel pan sisters, the Haringey Young Musicians Steel Orchestra were one of the featured acts last night, along with Barbadian entertainment veterans Adrian AC Clarke, Stedson Red Plastic Bag Wiltshire and Macdonald Grynner Blenman.

The less professional singers showcased their talent under the Holetown Liming Tent, which housed the festival’s karaoke competition.

There was also fashion on display as well.

The festival continues with a colourful array of costumes as Settlers, the West Coast Carnival gets under way at 1 o’clock Saturday morning. (LW)

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