The seed of all things

Our thoughts are the foundations of our creations. It is as simple as that. Thought, word and deed. First is thought.

So it would behoove you to monitor your thoughts and see what you have been thinking because remember this. All thought is creative. All thought. Every thought that goes through your head is creative.

If you don’t put any emotion into a thought or don’t pursue a thought, it will not be creative at a high level in your immediate reality but it will always add impetus to the collective thought of the universe. So if you have thought something, then the vibration of that thought will cling to similar thoughts in the collective.

Low-energy thoughts are not as effective as high-energy thoughts that are charged with emotion but they are still creative on some level of the life process.

Remember, it’s all a process and processes go in cycles, so play at keeping your thoughts in alignment with your overall idea of where you want to go and who you want to be. Then speak the words that bring those desires from the interior world of your thoughts to the exterior world of physicality.

Thought, word and deed. Thoughts create at one level. They are not as powerful as words and words are not as powerful as the deeds, or actions, which ultimately manifest our thoughts into our reality.

* Dr. Adrian Daisley is a Certified Life Coach, Stress Manager and Master Counsellor

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