Teachers service commission promised

blpmanifestomiaTeachers unions in Barbados might get their wish after all.

Furthermore, there might be institutional changes to educational system.

For some time now they have been calling for a service commission to oversee their affairs and if the Owen Arthur led Barbados Labour Party gets the electorate’s nod come next Thursday, it is one of the promises it intends to keep.

Under the heading of education in its manifesto released tonight in Eagle Hall and simultaneously on their website, the party noted that the problems at the embattled Alexandra School highlighted “the need for institutional reform at the Ministry of Education and at the level of the schools”.

“We will [introduce] a Teaching Services Commission; a School Leadership Programme as a key component of training and development for principals and members of the senior management teams in the school system; and a far reaching institutional reform of the education system.

“This will include a comprehensive revision of the Education Act and Regulations to clarify the roles of all stakeholders and to reflect modern approaches to education management and administration,” the BLP stated.

Additionally, the party intends to implement a dedicated Schools’ Inspectorate in the Ministry of Education, the main purpose of which would be to inspect schools; make it mandatory for teachers to undergo training every five years, create the posts of master teachers within the primary and secondary school systems, and ensure there are education standards, performance targets and guidelines for best practice. (DS)

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