Task force for UWI

blpmanifestokerrieThe creation of a special task force to develop “an optimal financing plan” for tertiary education at the Cave Hill campus of the university of the West Indies within three years, the construction of at least one new secondary school and incorporating children with a range of physical challenges into regular schools, are just a few of the commitments the BLP is making in the area of education.

The party, if re-elected will expand diagnostic testing for three and five year olds in hearing, speech and sight, as well as testing in emotional, physiological and educational areas as well as expand the programme at the Edna Nicholls Centre in St. Peter.

Moreover, the party outlined in its manifesto, that it would deal decisively with the UWI.

“There is a very strong correlation between the levels of social and economic development and the availability and quality of tertiary education.

“The failure of the DLP to provide funding for the UWI has become both an educational and a financial threat to the future viability of that important institution. The issue of funding for the UWI must be placed on a sound footing.

“We will create a special task force to develop an optimal financing plan for the tertiary education within three years. The BLP will ensure that there is a vibrant tertiary education sector which satisfies the education needs of Barbadians as well as providing scope to export education services to the rest of the world.

“In the interim we will, as a temporary measure, reduce the employer and employee contribution rate of national insurance and convert the equivalent to a higher education levy to fund the UWI.

The Bees also promised to:

* Support the programme for tertiary education as outlined in the Report of the Beckles Commission on Higher Education 2012.

* Support the development of the Cave Hill Campus area as a township because of its profound economic impact on the surrounding urban communities.

* Support the development of a science park which will serve as strong link with the business and technological community.

* Establish Barbados as a location for international high quality tertiary education and create a suitable regime to encourage major reputable universities to establish specialist units in Barbados to educate students from around the world.

* Develop programmes to increase the enrolment of males in tertiary education.

* Allow a tax credit to individuals for contributions made to registered education savings plans,” the party stated in its manifesto. (DS)

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