Sports boost promised

Making sports more professional and financially viable will be a main priority for a Barbados Labour Party government.

According to the party’s manifesto posted online last night, sporting organisations will have access to at least an initial $25 million per year to facilitate the provision of more professional contracts to national sportsmen as well as development programmes targeted at making local athletes able to compete on the world market.

In addition, the BLP plans to convert three sports facilities in the north, centre and south of the island into mini stadia. A rebuild of the National Stadium was also in the pipeline, in conjuction with the Barbados Olympic Association.

“We will also work to reduce the costs and bureaucratic constraints faced by sporting organisations and promoters in the hosting of sporting events,” the manifesto stated.

“[The BLP will also] work collaboratively with the National Sports Council to encourage a number of interested charitable entities to assist in the development of Barbadian sportsmen through the provision of funding and expertise.” (LW)

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