Quality health care from QEH

dlpmanifestodonvilleThe Queen Elizabeth Hospital is well on its way to being restored as a premier health care institution in the Caribbean.

This assurance was given in the Democratic Labour Party manifesto, which was released tonight. The manifesto went on to say that in “just five years, much progress has been made in resolving many of the problems that impacted adversely on the delivery of health care”.

It further stated that an analytical, people-centred and solutions oriented approach to the challenges in the health sector, had borne fruit over the last five years.

But it was acknowledged that one of the major challenges in the health care sector had been the rise of chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular problems, strokes, cancer and diabetic complications; and the need for highly specialised and on-going services.

The manifesto promised that a new DLP administration over the next five years would continue to implement programmes to strengthen the quality and delivery of primary health care, as well as placing increased emphasis on preventative health care.

Giving specifics, the manifesto promised that a new DLP administration would construct a new general hospital; expand community based health programmes, including the delivery of community mental health care; expand the range of services at polyclinics such dentistry, ophthalmology, diabetes care, gerontology; strive to achieve a more patient-friendly health care system; provide for improved access to diagnostic services at polyclinics; improve physical facilities at all polyclinics; expand training programmes for polyclinic staff; provide for a fully functioning St. John Polyclinic; restructure the management system for polyclinics; and provide for the full operationalisation of health information systems, including a digital patient record system at the QEH, the Psychiatric and Geriactric Hospitals and polyclinics. † †

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