Perks for the elderly

dlpmanifestodiehardladiesAddressing issues confronting the elderly in the society, the Democratic Labour Party promised that a new administration would subsidise home modifications such as grab bars, anti-slip treatment for bathroom tiles and other home safety devices through a new progremme called EASE (Enhancement For Active Seniors).

Each household with an elderly member will be able to access a tax credit of up to $2,000 for approved home safety modifications.

The new DLP administration will expand community based elderly care programmes; make major renovations to all district hospitals; restructure financing programmes for elderly care; support a reverse mortgage policy and expand rehabilitation services.

In the area of mental health, a new DLP administration will introduce a new Mental Health Act; expand community based mental health programmes and engage more psychologists in the delivery of mental health programmes.

Meanwhile, in the area of environmental health, a new DLP government will expand public education programmes on environmental health; establish an enforcement unit for environmental health issues; enhance training programmes for environmental health officers and strengthen vector control programmes.†

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