Ownership for 15 year tenants

Householders who are living in NHC units for 15 years or more, are in line to own them.

That’s one of the promises the BLP is making if re-elected next Thursday.

“The rental sector is a key part of the housing sector and must be seen as complementary to the policy of home ownership and not as a competing policy.

“We will: Implement the programme which now exists for the transfer of NHC units to qualified tenants free of cost. We will however reduce the qualifying period from 20 to 15 years to allow tenants who were tenants of the NHC for 15 years to be entitled to own their own units.

“Build units for rent with the option to own in several housing developments. These will cover the entire range of scale, from high rise complexes to small duplex units as in-fill in existing communities.

Provide for the needs of the physically challenged by following best practice related to fully accessible housing.

“Make provision for the care of children and the elderly in new rental residential developments.

“Re-capitalise the General Workers Loan Fund at the NHC to provide hassle-free affordable financing for repairs and maintenance of their homes. And make the National Building Code mandatory,” the party stated in its manifesto.

That BLP also accused the DLP of virtually bankrupting the state agency and said it would take measures to correct this.

“When last in office the BLP restructured the finances of the NHC by eliminating its debt and placed it in a solid financial position.

“We will restructure the NHC to enable it to:

* Carry out proper and timely maintenance of its rental units and estates.

* Undertake more of its own direct construction activities.

* Speedily and fairly administer the allocation of land and houses whether for rent or for sale.

* Support the formation of tenants associations in all NHC housing communities to be the voice of the tenants.”

The BLP will also “re-energise the programme for the sale of land in urban tenantries to the tenants at the subsidised price of $2.50 per square foot,” the manifesto stated. (DS)

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