Including the disabled in sports

dlpmanifestokerrianThe Democratic Labour Party is placing greater emphasis on the differently able community in sports.

This was revealed in their 2013 election manifesto which was launched tonight at a party mass meeting. In the area of sports development the document states that priority would be given to events in which the disabled engage, for example; paralympics, blind sports, as well as ensuring the National Sports Council embarks on a “programme of systematic upgrades to ensure that its facilities cater to disabled people”.

“The importance of sports cannot be overstated,” the 56-page document said. “Sports can be the basis on which an individual or community can engage in healthy living … A renewed focus on sports development in communities pay high dividends with respect to the reduction in the rate of the growth in chronic non-communicable diseases and crime as well as.

“Sports also provide avenues for the channelling of youthful energy. Participation in sports develops discipline, self-esteem, self-confidence and sharpens social skills. Beyond building character, sporting activity may lead to many career possibilities.

“A new Democratic Labour Party administration recognises the urgency for a greater focus on sports development in light of the opportunities available to our youth to aspire to remunerative careers in sports,” it said.

In addition to the disabled the DLP, if re-elected will seek to promote activity for the senior population through the introduction of a “seniors sporting extravaganza” which would be modelled on the National Senior Games but targeting team sports.

The document further stated that under the DLP administration, financial and administrative allocations for both disability as well as senior sports would be increased. Some of the other proposals stressed the role that the National Sports Council would play to assist increased participation in sports for all Barbadians and transform sports into a full- fledged industry. (KC)†

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