Going after the head

by Leigh-ann Worrell

alexmitchellcanvassingAlex Mitchell is a man on a mission for justice.

For that reason, he is running against the man at the top – Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

“I chose to run in the constituency of St. Michael South because Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is in that area and he is head and I want to go after the head of the snake. He was the attorney general and he didn’t do his job, [now] he is Prime Minister and again he refused to do what he [was] supposed to do…,” the 50-year-old said candidly.

Dressed in all black, Mitchell was on his guard during the interview with Barbados TODAY at his Christ Church home. Perhaps telling of the time spent in the US Marines, he recorded the conversation with a device placed in his top pocket and took pictures of the newspaper team with a black digital handheld camera.

Mitchell said he entered politics because of the lack of transparent justice on the island: “There is selective prosecution, persecution and conviction of different types of people. The smaller people carry the bigger burden.”

He also accused some “higher ranking” officials and professionals of the land of shirking their responsibilities and covering for each other.

“They say they are doing it under the name of the Crown. What Crown are they talking about? The Queen of England or their own crown of corruption? So this corruption has to be exposed and everybody has to know what is going on…,” Mitchell asserted.

He is also a private fraud investigator and has been working on the case of the Violet Beckles estate since 2007.

This first-time candidate is also the leader and member of the Bajan Free Party and is a member of the Coalition of United Parties.

Mitchell admitted that people were not always initially accepting of his message as he goes out into the community. However, he said, once he continued talking, people became more willing to listen.

The Bajan Free Party leader said he believes all independent candidates should be given the chance to represent the people as they all wanted to see justice served in Barbados. leighannworrell@barbadostoday.bb

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