Fitting for the future

by Leigh-ann Worrell

The passion Sandra Husbands feels for helping people to “live their best life” is almost palpable.

As she spoke with Barbados TODAY this morning at her home, a smile spread across her face and she instantly became animated about the ideas she had for helping the people of St. James South.

“I am always looking at what ways people can … be their best self and life, their best life…, and I believe we should be able to [give] leadership with passion…”

This was the main reason Husbands, a human resources development consultant and well-known advocate for small business development, decided to get involved in politics. The choice of Barbados Labour Party was made after careful research and consideration, she added.

“I grew up in a non-political family. My mother was a civil servant, so she always stayed out of making political views… I knew I wanted to participate in politics, so I did some research into both parties, the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party.


“When I examined the [two parties], I realised that the BLP outperformed the DLP, so this was a rational rather than an emotional decision. I believe the BLP offered the very best chance for Barbadians [and] they are more strategic and forward-thinking … and want to take Barbados to another level.”

Husbands will be running against incumbent Donville Inniss for the St. James South constituency. She emphasised a vote for her would mean a vote for taking the community programmes in the constituency to another level, while providing additional opportunities for the youth and the elderly in terms of exploring entrepreneurship and mentorship.

In addition, it was a way for the people of St. James South to get Inniss “out of office” after what she described as the “mess” he created through the Barbados Drug Service reform.

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