Dems’ four pillars to good governance

dlpmanifestokeithsimmonsA re-elected Democratic Labour Party government will establish a new Integrity Commission as part of a series of plans to improve governance in the country.

Governance is one of the four main pillars anchoring the party’s 2013 general election manifesto.

In addition to the new commission, which will implement the provisions of integrity legislation, a new DLP administration will also pass a Freedom of Information Act, and reform the management of public expenditures.

The reformation will take place in a number of ways pointed out in the 56-page document released at West Terrace tonight.

These included developing, performance standards for various units and departments of central government and statutory corporations; resourcing and mandating the Auditor General’s Office to conduct at least one performance audit each year; working with the trade unions to develop incentive pay schemes based on these performance targets.

Also intended was a public education exercise to raise appreciation of the importance of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee’s role among PAC members, parliamentarians, the media and general public.

The DLP also planned to widen the PAC’s membership “to include members from outside of Parliament so as to change the image of an opposition institution, and allow it to benefit from the presence of experts in accounting, banking, finance and law”. (SC)

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