Choosing career paths

careerday2013Secondary schools students pursuing English, History or the Arts need not fear because there is a career path for them.

The estimated 5,000 students who attended the eighth annual Career Showcase at the Wildey Sports Complex today learnt this when they got an opportunity to interact and ask questions of people who have made careers after pursuing some of these subjects.

The showcase, which began yesterday was geared towards the third and fifth formers of all public and private secondary schools. Facilitated by the Barbados Association of Guidance Counsellors, it was designed to spark interest among students.

Coordinator of the event and guidance counsellor at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, Morris Blenman, told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that the main focus this year was on subject areas.

He explained that because a lot of people did not realise the different types of careers they could aspire to when they studied a particular subject, they thought it necessary to enlighten them.

“With music all people think you can do is play in a band but, people think art is just for artist or English is for journalists or teachers,” he said.

“We explained to them that … is not the case. History is an asset not only to teach but it is good if you want to be a lawyer; you need to read a lot, you need to anaylse. Also like English B, people feel all you can do with Literature is teach but as we explained to them in order to be a lawyer and be analytical English helps in that area.

“We found that the children were either uncertain about a career path, or they thought they only had one or two and they did not consider other options so we thought it was necessary to give them other options and there are quite a number,” he added.

Throughout the two day exhibition they were more than 100 booths on show. They displayed options in the more traditional areas of law, medicine, nursing, teaching, engineering, architects as well as the non-traditional careers like jockey, leather craft production, tiling, interior decorations, event planning and funeral services. (KC)†††

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