BLP to revive manufacturing sector

If the Barbados Labour Party is returned to power at next Thursday’s national poll, it will implement the provisions of its Industrial Policy for the Manufacturing and Related Services Sector, which it laid in Parliament in 2007, but was never acted on by the Democratic Labour on taking up office the following year.

The BLP manifesto, launched at a mass meeting in Eagle Hall last night, said those provisions were only part of proposals to resuscitate the local manufacturing sector.

Dedicated focus

It also promised to establish Export Barbados to provide a dedicated focus to the export of local products to CARICOM and the rest of the world, implement loan guarantee and financing arrangements with provision for delayed repayments to help new and qualifying projects get off the ground and aggressively work to eliminate the illegal subsidies provided to US rum producers by the American Government.

The plan is also to;

* Reposition the Barbados rum industry to be this country’s premier export sector by doubling its production,

* Work with the Fair Trading Commission to facilitate the introduction of reduced energy rates for off-peak usage by manufacturing and informatics businesses,

* Actively pursue and facilitate expressions of interest made by the international community to establish Barbados as a centre for research and development in bio-sciences, and

* Fund energy audits and retrofitting within the manufacturing and informatics sector to facilitate the most optimal and affordable mix of traditional and alternative energy.

The manifesto called, too, for the expansion of training by providing custom design training modules to support enterprises within the manufacturing and the informatics sector to ensure that the workforce met the highest standards. (EJ)

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