Youth to get sports academy

The Barbados Labour Party again has its sights set on an academy of sports and the arts to develop the nation’s sporting and artistic talent.

Saying that “outside of Inter-school Sports and NIFCA, there are too few opportunities for developing and showcasing the talent of our youth”, the party is seeking to cement the link between sports, the arts and development.

But that’s not all they are planning to do if elected.

They believe that “enhanced national capability in the area of science and technology is fundamental to the future development of Barbados” and stated that in an effort to “safeguard that future there must be an increase in the number of students at all levels who choose to pursue studies in science and technology”.

To this end, a BLP administration, will “establish a national innovation programme that provides the opportunity for young Barbadians to create and showcase digital technology”.

“[We will] build teacher capability in the area of science and technology by providing scholarships and other incentives for teachers to develop specific pedagogical competence in science and technology,” the party stated. (DS)

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