The meaning of flowers


It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re thinking about having your man sleep on the couch because he didn’t get you flowers. Are flowers really that big of deal to you?

Think about it. Do you need a bouquet from him so you can show off in the office? He must have done loads of things to show how much he cared.

At least you didn’t do like Sheila and send them to yourself and pretend that he remembered.

If you don’t share our views oh well, maybe you can show him this article so he knows which flowers he can order tomorrow.

Roses:SFlb*Red rose: The most common gift on Valentine’s Day, red roses show passion, love and desire. *Pink rose: A perfect symbol at the beginning of a relationship, pink roses show appreciation and admiration. Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me. *Yellow: Friendship, *White: Humility, Innocence, Purity Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty Single Full Bloom: I Love You, I Still Love You Thornless: Love at First Sight

Carnations: These are a cheerful symbol of new love and fascination and although they’ve been considered a “cheap” flower in recent years they have a rich history and are perfect for those working with a small budget. *Pink: Motherly love, I’ll Never Forget You *White: Pure love, Good luck, Sweet and Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love, a Woman’s good luck gift *Light Red: Admiration *Deep Red: Deep love, My Heart Aches For You. *Yellow: You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection

*Orchid: Known as a flower that means love, strength and luxury, orchids also symbolise erotic seduction.

*Chrysanthemum: You can give these to a friend who needs cheering up.

*Daisy: Bright and cheerful, daisies add a bit of sunshine and evoke feelings of innocence and hope.

*Fern: The gift of this leafy plant may be especially poignant when expressing sympathy, as it signifies sincerity.

*Sunflower: Another bloom that’s perfect to cheer up a sad friend, sunflowers express meanings of warmth and happiness.

*Cactus: Endurance

*Calla Lily: Beauty

*Lily (White): Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It’s Heavenly to be with You.

*Primose: I Can’t Live Without You

*Jonquil: Love Me, Affection Returned, Desire, Sympathy, Desire for Affection Returned†

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