Sinckler smells IMF conspiracy

dlpclevedalechrisIs Barbados Labour Party leader Owen Arthur secretly talking to the International Monetary Fund and transmitting its “messages” via the BLP?

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler thinks so, and is urging Arthur to give him and the public answers on the matter.

The Democratic Labour Party St. Michael North West candidate raised the issue last night during a campaign public meeting at Redman’s Village in St. James Central.

Saying he had not raised the matter publicly before, Sinckler said based on information supplied to him, a speech Arthur made to the members of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in which privatisation was a major talking point, was circulating in Washington DC prior to its delivery by the BLP leaders.

“One hour before he delivered his speech, that speech was sent to one of my officers by the Mission Chief for the International Monetary Fund in Washington and the officer messaged me to ask how do you suppose the IMF Mission Chief got Arthur’s speech before he delivered it?,” Sinckler told the meeting audience.

“Now it would tell you something; he was consulting with them about that speech before he delivered it and the officers of the International Monetary Fund emailing his speech to other officers in the Fund and in the World Bank before he uttered a word of that speech to the Chamber of Commerce.

“I never said it before, but I saved the text … that speech was vetted and contributed [to] by people in the International Monetary Fund, that is a fact. And my suspicions were confirmed when the Governor the Central Bank and myself at the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund went to a … private meeting at which no officials notes were taken, but yet … the Barbados Labour Party could produce almost verbatim a discussion between the IMF (Managing) Director and the governor of the Central Bank of Barbados,” he added.

Sinckler claimed “somebody in the fund is locked into the Labour Party and writing their messages for them and I call on Owen Arthur to tell the people tonight who in the IMF he is talking to”.

Making it clear he was not suggesting Arthur was involved in an IMF secret deal, the DLP candidate said: “I am asking plain, I don’t know, I am asking the question tonight. Tell me how the people in the fund got your speech before you even delivered it and were emailing it to people in Washington? That is what you have to tell the public of Barbados.’

The minister also said that contrary to what the current BLP election campaign had stated, it was Arthur, not him, who was pushing the privatisation agenda.

“I never said we were going to privatise anything, but any responsible government examines all of the options, and we examined the options … and the Democratic Labour Party decided that we were not going to privatise those entities. I said it and the Prime Minister said it on the floor of the House,” he stated.

“But Arthur went up to the Chamber of Commerce and … he announced to the Chamber of Commerce that the Government should carry privatisation to its farthest point…

“That means that you are doing it, you are not considering it …, and he identified CBC, and Transport Board and he went down the line and he even mentioned that he was going to privatise education by giving people tax credits (after) charging them up front … to pay for university education and health care.” (SC)

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