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The Democratic Labour Party is staying the course. Having governed Barbados under a 2008 to 2013 manifesto theme Pathways To Progress, the DLP will tomorrow night launch their new manifesto under the theme Continuing Our Pathways To Progress.

And as the party prepares to intensify its re-election bid with one week left in the campaign, it will also launch its new Dems Again 93.9 FM radio station tomorrow night, broadcasting at least one nightly meeting to listeners.

These announcements were made today during a media briefing at the DLP’s George Street, St. Michael headquarters. Campaign team strategy member Ronald Jones, said the party manifesto was ready and would be launched in St. James South at the National Cultural Foundation’s West Terrace car park. “Our manifesto under the theme Continuing Our Pathways To Progress is a 56 page document that builds on the success of the previous five years, this is what we have done because we don’t fragment our manifestos,” he said.

“There are agenda items in the manifesto of 2008 to 2013 that link right into this… The manifesto of 2008 (to) 2013 is an unfinished agenda so therefore it becomes part of our continuing agenda of which the 2013 (to) 2018 is part, just like the manifesto of 1961 with our strongly embedded principles, that continues through time to be part, because not everything is realised in a five year cycle.

Despite focussing on a past theme, the Christ Church West Central candidate said the document was “speaking to fresh themes, fresh ideas, fresh policies” and developing a new framework.

Jones said the party was buoyed by the response of Barbadians during the current campaign and was still confident about winning next Thursday’s election.

“The party message is clear. The persons who are attending and have been attending our national meetings across Barbados have been staying late into the night because it has been a lot more than politics, it has been about educating the people about who we are, where we came from, what we have to do, the message of the party. We are bringing clarity to the minds of the people. The numbers have been quite astronomical as well,” he said.

While that is the case General Secretary George Pilgrim said the radio station would allow a wider audience to receive the DLP message.

“For the last seven days of the campaign we will be launching our Dems Again 93.9 FM radio station, at which the listeners will have another medium by which to tune in to our meetings and we will be using it on Friday night for the first time at our launch,” he said.

“We applied and were granted permission for a radio station and we will be using the radio station in the last seven days of our campaign.”

“It’s really for the purpose of our meetings so we are saying to persons that there is another medium by which they can tune in.

“You are not going to have an announcer all during the day … it’s for transmitting our meetings. We will announce to the public what meetings we are going to transmit so we will be transmitting two meetings at night,” he explained. (SC)

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