New cruise focus

Promising to redevelop the Princess Alice Highway and surrounding areas for cruise visitors, the Barbados Labour Party tonight also vowed to restructure the main marketing body to allow deeper involvement from the private sector.

The pledges were made in the party’s manifesto unveiled tonight at a launch meeting in Eagle Hall, where it revealed that community and cruise tourism were two areas being focused on along with marketing and product development.

In the area of cruise, the BLP promised to: “Initiate discussions with our regional partners with a view to having the region take a stake in the ownership of the cruise sector and thereby maximize the benefits of the sub-sector to the region.

“Maintain and strengthen Barbados’ position as a leading home port and port of call in the Caribbean by developing links between Barbados and other emerging markets, [as well as to],

“Redevelop the Princess Alice Highway and surrounding areas to create additional opportunities for employment, to increase revenue and expand the range of amenities available to visitors.”

Community tourism it vowed too would see the encouragement of such approved business ventures to be registers so they could receive training, technical assistance and incentives.

But the manifesto noted that marketing and product development as well would be key.

It said it would also “restructure the Barbados Tourism Authority in such a way as to facilitate and benefit from the full involvement of the private sector in all aspects of the promotion and marketing of Barbados’ tourism industry”.

Product development, it added, would be given the same importance and attention as marketing and it would ensure that the island was promoted and marketed as a high quality destination.

Looking to the use of technology, the document stress that the party would, “develop a joint venture public-private partnership for the development of a digital online strategy. This will enable the tourism industry to identify, communicate, and close online sales with potential visitors and achieve wider distribution of Barbados’ tourism product”, if elected. (LB)

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