Meds to help you get it up

Erectile dysfunction is caused when the levels of testosterone decrease as a male ages. The lowered levels make it difficult to maintain an erection for an appropriate amount of time.

Erectile dysfunction can also occur in men suffering from diabetes, hypertension or some other illness or in fact can be caused by medicines taken to treat certain illnesses.

Obviously because we have coined a term for an illness, it has to be treated. ED is no different.

Anyone older than 10 years of age should have heard about Viagra already. Its name is plastered all over the television, in magazines and even brazenly on work wear.

There are other brands that work in the same way as Viagra, namely Cialis, Elevex, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra. The latter two are not here in Barbados as yet.

These drugs work to pour more blood into the special cavities found in the penis. When these cavities are filled with blood, an erection occurs. The special thing about these products is the fact that they only start to act when you become aroused, so if it was possible, you could take the tablet and no one would realise. The only thing though is that the medicines ability to work may wear off after one hour.

Levitra works a little longer than Viagra. They both take effect in about 30 minutes. With Levitra, the effects last for about five hours. With Viagra, the effects last approximately four hours. Cialis works a bit faster (within about 15 minutes), and the effects last much longer — up to 36 hours in some cases.

There are certain situations in which these drugs may not be safe to take. Before taking them, tell your doctor:

* If you have any allergies to Viagra and other ED drugs.

* If you are on nitroglycerin or a long acting nitrate.

* If you are planning to have surgery, including dental surgery.

* If you are taking alpha blockers to treat hypertension or prostate problems.

These drugs should always be taken on an empty stomach and exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

They should not be taken together with alcohol or other ED drug, regardless of type.

As is true about anything that involves money, this class of treatment is plagued with attempts to make money from innocents. This class of drug attracts the counterfeiters amongst us, and they are many supposedly safe imitations in the market.

If the product you received was “dispensed “from behind a shop counter, a car boot, someone’s pocket, a suitcase, it probably does not contain the real medicine. Every blue pill is not Viagra!

For men who are placed in the aforementioned warning categories, there are some herbal remedies, such as Arouse Plus, CJ maxx, and Parcman.

These contain in varying amounts similar ingredients and can be had without prescription.

These ingredients may include all or some of the following:

Tribulus Terrestris: A plant found in Australia, Asia, Africa and North and South America that is a natural testosterone stimulant.

Yohimbe Extract: An African evergreen, yohimbe is an aphrodisiac used in the treatment of impotence.

Niacin: Needed for proper circulation and is involved in the production of sex hormones, including testosterone

Epimedium: An important supplement in traditional Chinese medicine. A leafy plant, it has long been used to treat erectile problems, to improve libido and to restore sexual vitality.

Avena Sativa: Avena Sativa is rich in vitamins and has been shown to stimulate genital organs.

Zinc Oxide: Zinc is essential for many body functions and is part of more than 200 enzymes in the body.

Maca: An annual grown in Peru, animal studies have shown that Maca creates increased energy and stamina in sexual activity.

Muira Pauma: A native shrub of Brazil, it has long been used to improve libido and increase sexual potency.

Ginkgo Biloba: Increases arterial blood flow which has a beneficial effect on sexual function in men.

L-Arginine: An amino acid shown to improve erections.

Saw Palmetto: Used to treat prostate health problems

Other ingredients: Gelatin, rice bran, oat fibre, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Again, although these are all herbal, they should not be taken in combination with other ED drugs or herbs.

Interestingly enough, these products, especially the ones containing Tribulus Terrestris, if taken over a sustained period can create a situation where they are not needed as often.

Before we conclude, it must be mentioned that men who are under 50 years of age, who are having erectile difficulties, should consult their doctor as soon as possible, as this could be a warning of hidden cardio vascular problems.

Also studies are showing, that men who use the ED drugs or supplements as recreational support, are liable to be dependent on them for life. In other words, they should be used only if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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    I try using arouse plus but it always don’t work can I take two instead of one

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