Love and praise in Oistins

dlpgospeloistinsIt might have been the eve of Valentine’s Day, but love was shared in gospel last night as the Democratic Labour Party presented An Evening of Praise.

Oistins Bay Gardens was the scene for the evening that saw performances by Sister Marshall, Tony Lowe, Alison Norville, Paula Hinds, Promise and several others.

The night was one of blessings and praise, and while the Internet stream several would have expected to be able to tune in from around the island and perhaps even in other parts of the globe had technical difficulties on the night, it did not slow down what turned out to be a glorious night.

One patron remarked on the fact that she even thought the event was too short, remarking that when it had ended she was then getting ready for phase two of worship.

In all she commended the hosting of the event on the night of Ash Wednesday, remarking on “awesome” it was.

Meanwhile on the Internet, a patron too remarked on the quality of the production, stating: “That show was awesome. Sis Marshall and Pastor Lowe were infectious as usual. Pastor Lowe was on fire. Dat man could really minister in song. This was just simply awesome.”

The music was so “infectious” that several in the audience got clear out of their seats to dance their praises in support of their favourite artist or just for the overall deliverance of the song, and to send their appreciation heavenward.

The event was appreciated by many, as both political parties had previously announced their intention to suspend the election platforms for one night in recognition of, and reverence for, the start of the Lenten season.

Pitched as an event to “fellowship and give thanks and praises for all our glorious blessings” it seemed at the end that the evening had done just that for the many that attended, and perhaps even those within hearing distance of the Oistins area.

A number of DLP politicians also took time to attend, including Steve Blackett, Patrick Todd, Mara Thompson, Patricia Inniss, Stephen Lashley and incumbent for the area John Boyce. (LB)

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