For love of country

It is Valentines Day. I must speak about love. But I will not be giving you any insights as to why Mrs. Bowen is the luckiest woman in Barbados.

Actually I want to talk about our Valentine, not my Valentine because I don’t want you in my business this week. We are talking about our Valentine – Barbados.

I am really fed up with the half-baked Independence celebration. Not necessarily the content because we go all out. But the celebration is limited to November and then there is always the “patriotic concern” about celebrating Christmas in November because it is disrespectful.

Nonsense. I am not only a Barbadian I am also a Christian.

But honestly, when it comes to Barbados, the land we hold so dear, how faithful are we when it comes to love of country.

Our love has to arise from care and responsibility of being Barbadian rather than out of duty because “tourism is our business”.

If we are to play our part it has to be more than just for the tourist. If we are going to love our island paradise it cannot be seasonal or left to those on the West and South Coasts or the taxi operators and those in the hotel industry.

Today we talk about love and all that mushy stuff. But for love of country where do we stand?

There is still a stench that accompanies any drive through the country.

When this year’s sugar harvest begins it will be amazing to see how many old fridges, stoves and even cars were used as manure. How sweet is that?

Fast food chains print on their containers not to litter but clearly we are more interested in what is in and not on those containers.

Then there is the matter of how we treat our public facilities. Just this morning a young lady related with disgust her experience in the public toilet in the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal.

“When I was going in the cleaner was coming out. I was not in there two minutes good and I heard a woman saying ‘Pee there!’. When I came out the little girl was urinating in the corner of the people place that now get clean. Then they would walk around and say how nasty the place is,” she griped.

We need to realize too that smiling and saying good morning and generally being pleasant is not just for persons at the front desk of a hotel or a bartender or hostess. Today, dedicated to love, a young lady posted a very sarcastic by damning encounter she had when she went to pay a bill.

Facebook Comment:

“I believe in good customer service. When you come to work you put your issues at the door and you treat your customers with respect because they help to pay your salary. If people stop doing business with you, you will have to shut shop. I would like SurePAY … to get it together. I don’t know if the young lady’s boyfriend broke up with her last night because he knew today was valentines or if she woke up on the wrong side of the bed but she had a nasty attitude from the time she opened the gate, face push up, not speaking to customers to say a simple good morning. Well I hope someone gives the unmannerly girl a rose today. Maybe that should brighten your mood. Sure Pay this has been your customer service warning. Don’t let it happen again. [p.s. this will also be sent in a lovely email to surepay’s website]

I think the person who conceptualised Polite Percy, that pleasant looking PIG on billboards across this island is a genius.

Looming large at this time is the February 21 General Elections. Everybody, well, with the exception of the political yard fowls, are jucking at elections or jucking at one another and complaining that they are making mock sport and cussing each other rather than dealing with the issues. But just as much immaturity is being exhibited on the streets as on the platform.

There is a billboard of a political hopeful in the area of Searles Plantation that has been defaced – well actually some things have been added to his face in the colour of the opposing party. On Tuesday night I stopped at the Mile and a Quarter Sol Service Station and there were some young “boys”, not men, who in a rage began tearing down poster of the candidate they obviously did not support.

Then we talk about how mature me are.

Come on Bajans, we can do a lot better – for love of country let us do a lot better.

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