Ease for young professionals

A graduated fee scheme for young professionals is among the promises the Barbados Labour Party has made to the youth of the country, in its 2013 manifesto.

SDLqBarbados is developing a very diverse class of young professionals.†The fees payable by professionals, however, are not differentiated according to experience, which means that young professionals are required to pay the same fees as their more experienced counterparts,” the document read.

“A Barbados Labour Party government will address the burdens of young professionals through the implementation of a graduated fee structure targeted specifically at young Barbadian men and women newly embarking on their professional fields.”

The BLP, seeking to regain the reigns of power in next week’s election, has also pledged $20 million to assist the youth in becoming entrepreneurs within the creative economy, through the provision of concessionary financing.

In addition, allowances will be made for professionals registered with the Barbados Coalition of Service Providers to pay 1.5 per cent tax on income.

The current Opposition believed the Democratic Labour Party has failed to utilise the potential of young professionals, namely those in the creative field, and were using the measures outlined to deal with that issue.

“The government has failed to harness the creative outputs of young Barbadian men and women and has missed the opportunity to convert those outputs into tangible exports, employment generation, sectoral development and novel avenues of foreign exchange generation.” (LW)

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