Cutting costs now BLP’s priority

owenwithhismanifestoThe Opposition Barbados Labour Party is promising the country a National Reconstruction Fund if it regains the government on February 21.

The party’s manifesto, which was officially launched tonight, revealed that the fund wouldSNbSbe managed by the Enterprise Growth Fund, Ltd. This fund, the document added, will not lend where commercial banks are already lending.

Instead it would focus on such areas as the†tourism product and undercapitalised locally owned hotels, private sector green projects like solar and wind, transformation of enterprises through the installation of Information Communication Technology, the establishment of a cyber park and, transformational capital projects undertaken by the Government of Barbados.

The BLP said the fund was being introduced, because the party recognised the need to ensure there was access to capital for businesses and for the Government to lead the reconstruction of the economy and the return to growth. (EJ)

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