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2013 National Road March champion SuperBlue
2013 National Road March champion SuperBlue

PORT OF SPAIN — A relaxed and clearly happy SuperBlue yesterday visited the Express following the announcement that he was the 2013 National Road March champion, having beaten his nearest rival, defending champion Machel Montano with a phenomenal score of 511 plays to 56.

“I feel fantastic. I knew this would be the result since New Year’s because I released Soca Baptist on New Year’s Day and that turned out to be a success and a blessing. This was the same thing with this song. There was something special about it from in the studio.” SuperBlue is also the joint International Power Soca Monarch, having tied with Montano in the finals of the competition on Carnival Friday.

SuperBlue said he was initially inspired to create Fantastic Friday when he saw the 2006 FIFA World Cup final match between Trinidad and Tobago and England. The iconic soca artiste said as he looked at the game, he was upset that the Soca Warriors coach, Leo Beenhakker, did not bring on Russell Latapy, who he believed would have led to a different outcome to the game. The thought that age may have been a factor in Beenhakker’s decision moved something within SuperBlue and he decided to begin working on his own comeback.

“I was grieving for Latapy to get on that field, and half time had come and Beenhakker had not brought him on. This was like David versus Goliath and all Beenhakker had to do was bring ‘Latas’ on the field. I still felt a pride to see the Soca Warriors out there and I realised that we needed to keep that patriotic spirit alive, and if no one else was going to do it, I will do it and it has taken till now,” SuperBlue said.

SuperBlue, who won the Road March title on eight occasions previously, said he is not going to be running after every gig offered to him here and abroad. He said he sees his success this year as an opportunity for him to do something positive for soca music and for the nation, and he will not be focussing on the money only, but on creating more great soca that makes positive statements.

“My management will deal with gigs and with the money, while I am going to get back to the drawing board and deal with the intelligence of the music.

“Right now soca has the world’s attention and we better say something good. We have something to offer the world, miracle music, music to heal. I thank God for the music and also thank Ras Shorty I for the soca. I’m not running down money, I’m looking to do something positive for the nation and for soca,” SuperBlue said.

Attempts to get a comment from Montano were unsuccessful.

SuperBlue’s National Road March tally:

As Blueboy – 1980, 1981, 1983

As SuperBlue – 1991 to present

1980: “Soca Baptist”

1981: “Ethel”

1983: “Rebecca”

1991: “Get Something an’ Wave

1992: “Wine on Something”

1993: “Bacchanal Time”

1995: “Signal for Lara”

2000: “Pump Up”

2013: “Fantastic Friday”

SuperBlue’s Soca Monarch tally

1993: “Bacchanal Time”

1994: “Flag Party”

1996: “Bounce”

1997: “Barbara”

1998: “Ato Party”

2000: “Pump Up”


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