Bajan spirit dying under Stuart

The human spirit in Barbados is dying under the Freundel Stuart administration.

Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael West, Reverend Joseph Atherley, voiced this concern tonight while addressing a mass meeting at Eagle Hall.

Atherley promised that when the BLP is returned to office on February 21, it will be asked to do what no other party has ever been asked to do, but he warned that the task was going to be very challenging.

“We are currently a nation in reverse. Our manifesto is meant to change gear,” he said. “We are adrift. We are without spirit. We are in pain and perplexed.”

Atherley suggested that the BLP must restore the people’s faith that had been fractured. He argued that Barbadians had lost faith in the political and economic systems.

The former MP for St. Michael West suggested that on assuming office, a new BLP government must restore institutions and agencies it had created. Recalling a conversation he had with an elderly woman, Atherley said she told him that the Freundel Stuart Administration was killing old people and it did not know it. She confided that she did not know what to do under the circumstances.

Extending hope to the pensioners in the country, Atherley assured them that under a BLP government they would not be asked to pay for medication. Atherley further gave them the assurance that they would be allowed to access their medication at a pharmacy of their choice.

Citing the case of another woman who was at the point of despair, Atherley told the huge crowd that she had told him there were seven persons in her household and not one of them was employed. The cleric gave his audience the assurance that a BLP administration would ensure that at least one member of every household was employed.

He cited another case where a young man visited his office and with tears streaming down his cheeks complained that he was unemployed and could not support his young child, and referred to yet another case in which a young mother with child in her arms told him that she had left her other child at home but had come to see him to get some money to feed both of them.

Pointing to the business sector, he recalled a case where a small businessman had told him that the Government did not know what it was doing, and was looking forward to the February 21 general elections which will give Barbadians the opportunity to rid themselves of the government.†(NC)†

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