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Voter list probe

blpowenandcynthiaThere is something about the electoral list for the February 21 general elections that has Barbados Labour Party St. Thomas candidate Cynthia Forde, suspicious.

Forde informed a political meeting at Welchman Hall, St. Thomas last night there may be people obtaining national identification cards after the stipulated time to register to vote in this election.

She said she would wait and see what the final list would be like, considering there was a preliminary list that had to be purged.

“I will investigate possible discrepancies in the voters list. I will be your vanguard. I will not let up to ensure all is well with the list. I will wait and see, because there is a preliminary list which must come out,” assured the four-time St. Thomas candidate.

She also attacked the DLP Government for the “dire” state of affairs in the country.

“We have had tremendous problems in this society … over past five years as a result of the policies of the DLP. I have seen victimisation in a way never before seen as under the DLP. The BLP is not guilty of inequality, because we believe in the politics of inclusion,” Forde declared.

She accused the DLP of deliberately not paying building contractor Al Barack his money.

“I am tired. There is no equality at Rural Development Commission; no loans, no grants for the people of St. Thomas to fix houses or build houses. St. Thomas houses are still languishing after Tropical Storm Tomas… The same thing in St. Joseph and certain parts of St. James because we are not part of the DLP in Parliament,” Forde lamented.

She said $5.6 million was allocated to Allen View under an IDB rural housing project totalling $60 million and nothing had happened for Allen View residents to hook up water supplies.

“That $5.6 million is still there doing nothing. No minister has returned to do anything about that project. I want land for Allen View people, I want day care facilities in Welchman Hall, I want a police station and civic centre †for Cane Garden,” Forde concluded. (EJ)††††

One Response to Voter list probe

  1. Kay-rani rosita February 15, 2013 at 1:52 am

    I want land for Allen View people, I want day care facilities in Welchman Hall, I want a police station and civic centre †for Cane Garden,”
    It is funny how when one is in opposition, it is always I want, I want, I want, yet when they were in power they did nothing . Hypocritical? You decide.


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