Talk is cheap

Sometimes in life we tend to allow the perception of others to define who we are. All of us at one point or the other have experienced others talking negative things about us, which sometimes truly hurts.

We all need to realise that in life we will be talked about, but we should never allow that to make us feel less than who we are or cause us to go into depression.

I have come to the realisation that we Barbadians love to talk. We talk of what we know about and even things that we don’t. We never try to discover things for ourselves, we prefer to be spoon fed. We never realise that what comes from our mouths have the potential to damage and hurt the character of others. So before you talk, think of the repercussions that it will have for others. We have so many challenges and issues we are facing as a people in Barbados and before some of us talk about that, we choose to slander others’ names. Sometimes a reputation once tarnished can never be regained. I believe that if many of us would travel to different parts of the world and see how others have to work three and four jobs just to make ends we would see that those persons have no time to study the actions of others.

At one stage in my life I always would be concerned about what others thought about me, but now, honestly, I don’t care. I know who am I, where I want to go and where I have been.

I will never again allow anyone’s perception of me to cause me to feel any less than who I am. People talk – and that is just the reality of life. Most persons who talk about you are in no way better than you so why be bothered by what they say. You need to know who you are and what you are about and continue down that path.

Love yourself, believe in yourself and your abilities and you will be fine. Eliminate the negative influences in your life and you will see that positive things will begin to happen for you. They say birds of a feather flock together. If you believe that saying is true then surround yourself with people and things that will be for your betterment.

Sometimes we have persons in our lives and the only thing that comes out of their mouths is negative. They never see the positive in anything. So why have those persons around?

Remember today is what you make it, so live life to the fullest. Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow. Always embrace the positive that life has to offer — and most of all, be happy. Live your life with no regrets. The past is just that; the past. Always keep your focus ahead and never look back!!! Have a wonderful week ahead.††

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