Santia’s genuine

Barbados Labour Party candidate for the St. Michael Central constituency, Arthur Holder, contends that his colleague, Santia Bradshaw is the best person to represent the constituents of St. Michael South East.

He described her as someone who has come to the electorate with “clean hands and a pure heart”, and a person who was sincere about her commitment to the upliftment of the constituents of St. Michael South East.

“That is nothing being played out — that is who she is. She can walk with you and talk with you, she is from among you and she means well,” Holder said as he endorsed her before a crowd in Factory Road in the Pine in St. Michael.

“It is not about money, Santia could remain in private practice and remain wealthy but she has chosen the high road. She has chosen to come and represent the people of St. Michael South East out of a commitment to public life as a means of giving back to a society, to a country which has invested in her,” he said of the young attorney-at-law.

“When you come to public life you ought to come to public life with clean hands and a pure heart… Those are the natural requirements of presenting yourself to ask the public for a vote, but if you have no reputation, if you are not of good repute then why should you ask for that?”

The attorney-at-law added that the Democratic Labour Party candidate, Patrick Tannis, could not be compared to her genuineness, and encouraged the people in attendance to “embrace her, to support her and moreover on February 21 vote for her” and make her their representative. (KC)

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