ForFormer MP Delisle Bradshaw and his daughter Santia Bradshaw who is trying to capture the seat he once held.
ForFormer MP Delisle Bradshaw and his daughter Santia Bradshaw who is trying to capture the seat he once held.

Barbados Labour Party Leader, Owen Arthur, is asking women in Barbados to use their voting power at next week’s general elections to protest against Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler for his “brutal” verbal attack on the CLICO policyholders alliance spokeswoman, June Fowler.

At a recent political meeting in Clevedale, Black Rock, Arthus said Sinckler likened “the most ignorant” cat he once owned, to Fowler, for suggesting that the policyholders could get back their money, if CLICO sold its assets.

Sinckler had suggested that Fowler was ignorant like his family cat and lacking in substance, he added.

“It is sick how Sinckler responded to Miss Fowler on CLICO. These things should not go unheeded. No citizen of Barbados should be treated in public by any minister in such a vitriolic way. Sinckler’s words are brutal against a woman who was only trying to stand up for the rights of policyholders,” protested the former Prime Minister, while addressing a mass meeting at Welchman Hall, St. Thomas last night, in support of incumbent St. Thomas MP, Cynthia Forde.

“As a mark of protest, no woman should allow any minister to treat another woman this way. No woman in Barbados should vote for Sinckler. No woman should be treated in such a manner,” implored the St. Peter candidate.

He recalled his party having asked the DLP Government to set aside a day in Parliament to discuss CLICO, with the assurance the BLP would cooperate, and even approach the various funding agencies such as the IMF and the IDB as a united force.

“But this Government doesn’t want any of it,” Arthur asserted.

Arthur declared February 21 should be a day of deliverance against “the rulers of darkness and wickedness”.

The BLP leader also took the opportunity at last night’s meeting, to issue a caution to his candidates and supporters.

“Don’t behave as if you have won the election already. Don’t put your hands in the air as if you have won anything,” he said.

“More than anything else, this country needs a serious and disciplined Government. I need the Barbados Labour Party people to be disciplined. I am not going to behave as if I have appointed any deputy or anybody. I will wait on the 21st.”

The former Government leader also told his candidates he did not want any bad behaviour on “these platforms” by purporting to say what the party shall do if it became Government.

“Leave out the controversy,” Arthur urged.

He said he felt that the future of Barbadians was hopeless unless the “burdensome” taxes imposed by the Freundel Stuart Administration were reversed.

His message to the ruling DLP was that the $24 million which a re-elected BLP proposed to put back in the pockets of Barbadians, was less than the concessions being given the foreign retail store, Cost-U-Less. (EJ)†

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  1. Nia Brathwaite February 13, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    cot-u-less? you mean cost-u-more because who has to pay for these tax concessions? We the taxpayers will have to shoulder this burden


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