Political hypocrite

dlpsealycopyingfromchrisBarbados Labour Party leader Owen Arthur is a “political hypocrite” shedding “crocodile tears” about the plight of women.

That’s how Democratic Labour Party St. Michael North West candidate Chris Sinckler responded to the former Prime Minister’s call for the church, women’s groups and others to publicly reprimand him for comments made about Barbados Investors and Policyholders Alliance head, June Fowler.

The Minister of Finance, speaking last night at Redman’s Village during a political meeting in support of St. James candidate George Hutson, said based on his past scathing criticisms of women, including the DLP’s Irene Sandiford-Garner and the BLP’s Mia Mottley, Arthur did not have the moral authority to chastise him.

Sinckler also said the BLP leader “seems to be in love with me”, and that the party was “spending more than $75,000 a day running ads in the paper and on the airwaves talking about Chris Sinckler”.

“Wuh I glad I get suh popular in two weeks, that every time you turn on the radio you are hearing Sinckler voice, overtime you open the paper you are hearing me and Owen Arthur, a political imp, is trying with his little self to try to crucify me and things which I may or may not have said as anti woman,” he said.

“Well anybody who know me know that ain’t nutting more in the world that I love (more) than lil woman, … and I get along very good with women, they love me and I love them back.”

He claimed Arthur was “crying crocodile tears in the night dew for the lady from the policyholders” and he “stabbed Mia Mottley in the back and chopped off her head as the former leader of the Opposition”.

“Could you imagine that this is the same man who stood up in the House of Assembly and abused Irene Sandiford-Garner in the most vicious and nasty ways imaginable to a human man, accusing Irene of getting ill gotten gains from the credit union to go into England to get treatment for illness, and that the credit union did not approve the money which she received?” he asked.

“He never made an apology for saying it, he never made an apology for saying the nasty things he said about Mia Mottley … and he certainly did not make any apology for the comments which William Duguid said about Donville Inniss’ mother on the floor of the House of Assembly.

“And this political hypocrite that is Owen Arthur getting up on a platform presuming to lecture me on ethics and morals?”

Sinckler said Arthur and his BLP were “looking for side issues to distract the public from the disarray that exists in the Labour Party’s campaign tonight”.

Referring to recent comments made by BLP St. Michael South candidate Noel Lynch at a recent public meeting in Lammings, St. Joseph, when he suggested deputy leader Dale Marshall could be the country’s second in command under a new BLP administration, Sinckler said he wanted to send a message to Mottley ever since the campaign started and yesterday was on the radio “pretending to love Miss Mottley”.

“When you don’t have a message that is resonating you have to find things to say to distract people, but I am not distracted. The Barbados Labour Party under Owen Arthur is a failed institution and should not be let back into government,” he said. (SC)

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