Over the moon

dlpkellamnandsupporterA fiery St. Lucy incumbent Denis Kellman came out of the gates swinging in Checker Hall last night, as he defended his record of service in the parish.

Tracing the history of his coming to the parish to set up what is now called Moon Town, the Democratic Labour Party member who has held the seat since 1994 told a large audience of mostly supporters that he had pumped considerable money into making that northern spot what it is today.

He vehemently defended the business at Moon Town, which he said had been a tremendous benefit to residents and others across the country and even from abroad.

“Some [people] walk around saying I have not done everything for them. Sometimes you got the best and don’t know you have it. Oistins has nothing on Moon Town. Your parliamentarian has been saving money in the people’s pocket,” he said, adding that the location had received such prestige that it now provided shopping for the rich.

But he warned: “When they bring their paling to my railing, I will lick them down. I know I am here to stay. If you put me in retirement, don’t think I coming out of retirement. I will go and take care of my family.”

Defending his record of achievements as well, Kellman told the cheering crowd he had been responsible for the fact that students still populated Half Moon Fort Primary.

“Going forward in this area, I want you to know I have said already that there will be a car park in Moon Town and everybody saying it’s not possible. With your MP anything is possible. I have already worked out how we will put a car park in Moon Town, because unlike others who are not creative, I spend my time studying how to develop St. Lucy and trust me, I know how to do it and I’m doing it.”

Kellman told residents he had plans to return a jetty, bath and fishing market to Half Moon Fort.

“What we will do is put a jetty in Half Moon Fort again. I’ve told the Minister of Agriculture that we have to speak about the northern fishing port because both of us received proposals of where to put it and the truth is, the proposals we cannot accept because where they want us to put a fishing port, within two years we’d have to move it.

“The natural place is Half Moon Fort. It had a jetty, so we’ll bring back the jetty, reshape there and put the bath and fishing market in one and utilise the land in north for vending stalls, so young people can sell craft and so on.”

He said young men in conversations with him had indicated they wanted to be self employed, adding that he would also discuss the possibility of leasing land for such youth with the Minister of Agriculture.

For those who might want to better establish their fishing businesses, he said there were micro-grants available under the ministry he had previously held as Minister of Small Business and Industry. Kellman said they could even come together to form a coop, which he was in favour of, to help young fishermen expand their businesses, while sourcing the necessary capital.

And while he was being criticised both by those outside and within his constituency saying that he had done nothing, Kellman listed a number of roads repaired under his watch and revealed the budgeted estimates for others.

“We also did the road through Checker Hall Tenantry No. 2, but we did not stop there. We spent almost $12 million building two roads from Checker Hall corner into Content, and also the one from Nesfield into Crab Hill. There was a time when people could not get into Crab Hill because it was totally blocked off and was left so by the Barbados Labour Party and now they come talking ’bout neglect,” said the incensed candidate.

“That Fustic Road we had to start building that too … and tonight, I want to report to you that Fustic is in that project under a section called St. Lucy roads and I gine tell ya how much it cost too,” he declared.

Rolling out the costs, which he said had been calculated on May 1, 2011 during a journey around the constituency with Sir Charles Williams, Kellman quoted: The road from Rockfield to the block plant — $1,769,000; Bright Hall to the River Bay junction, $1,811,000; Colleton Road, $1.8 million; Cove Bay road, $1.5 million; Hannays to St. Swithen’s Church in Harris’, $3 million; the quarry to Hannays, $2 million; Lamberts, i.e. from Alexandria to Josey Hill and Rock Hall, $5.9 million; Little Bay, $989,000; Spring Garden to Chance Hall, $2 million and Fustic, $1.7 million.

“We also paved Archers Bay, Barrows, Rockfield and they said we have not done anything and we did all that in a crisis and when they had money we did not get anything,” he challenged. (LB)

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