No privatisation plans

blpglineclarkespeaksA former cabinet minister in the last Owen Arthur Government has defended itself against persistent accusations that the Barbados Labour Party plans to privatise various state agencies including the Transport Board, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Barbados Water Authority.

Gline Clarke, the candidate for St. George North said last night during a public meeting at Welchman Hall, St. Thomas there was no way the BLP would sell off any of these bodies because it was the Bees which created them.

“The Transport Board is sacred to the BLP, the QEH is sacred, the airport is scared, the sea port is sacred, because we buit them. †We will†not privaitise these agencies. It is foolishnss,” Clarke told the meeting in support of St.Thomas candidate, Cynthia Forde.

“The media must be more independent. The media must come out and tell politicians when they are talking foolishness,” the St. George North incumbent suggested.

He said though, that there must be a mixture of privatisationn and nationalisation.

“But we cant privatise the air port and these entities. †We have to do something about these statutory corporations… cut wastage and improve efficiency. But we will not sell them. †You have to make transport efficienct by cutting out the wastage and the other statutory bodies.”

Clarke also urged constituents they had to vote against all the high taxes imposed by the Dems. †

“White businesses suffered too under the DLP, the government took all the money out of the system. †Inspite of the fact that government had money, it still borrowed money to pay wages,” the former minister of transport and works argued.

He also stated†that the Democratic Labour Party’s policies had failed miserably.

“People have suffered badly under the DLP more than they have ever suffered before. Some $123 million dollars was raised by DLP on top taxes people had to pay. That money extra in taxes would have hurt the people. † The minister of finance increased fees water rates by 60 per cent. o body told him to. †It was all his doing,” Clarke asserted. (EJ)

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