Cabinet approves cultural industries bill

Cabinet has given the green light to the Cultural Industries Development Bill.

This disclosure has come from Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, who said the bill was approved recently after extensive and detailed consultations with stakeholders.

Lashley described the bill as “a forward-looking piece of legislation that will position Barbados in the forefront of regional development of the sector”.

He added: “On becoming law, it will give this island another economic platform on which it can depend, since it relies solely on the creativity of its human resource. It will enable the sector to become a viable one, capable of making a significant contribution to the country’s GDP.”

The minister noted that the bill, which will have to be taken to Parliament when it re-convenes, “is comprehensive in its scope”.

Cultural industries include three broad areas – arts, which incorporates the performing, visual and literary aspects; design – advertising, architecture, web and software, graphics and communications; and media – broadcast, digital media, film and video, recorded music and publishing, among others.

The minister said the legislation would provide for the establishment of a regulatory framework to facilitate and encourage the sustainable growth and development of cultural industries, funding for cultural projects, as well as duty free concessions and income tax benefits in respect of cultural projects.

He pointed out that cultural industries had become major drivers of developed and developing economies over the past 20 years.

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  1. Luther Ted Brathwaite February 14, 2013 at 10:20 am

    A Nation Prepares

    As our nation prepares for a new political chapter
    Due diligence is necessary before the X hereinafter
    Demand of candidates their vision and policy impacts too
    Ask specific questions when they make proposals to you.

    Where are our leaders going?
    Show us the light
    Don’t perseverate on wrongdoing,
    Share plans to make things right
    We know the might of the corporate clan
    But if we are to go forward,
    Bajans need governance with a plan.

    Candidates should not engage in comedy
    But tell us of initiatives to improve the economy:
    Jobs, healthcare, agriculture and the fishery
    Law and order with support for the elderly.

    Pollution is an issue that will impact health care
    And transportation needs regulation everywhere;
    We need measures to address the gold rush and praedial larceny
    By the 21st of February, both parties should be ready.

    If we randomly pick a letter from the alphabet
    It could raise issues of both hope and regret
    So let’s put the past behind us and get a clear view
    Of what for the masses our politicians really plan to do.

    Will you improve efforts in dealing with the IMF?
    Must we all sacrifice a little in order to do our best?
    I want to believe we ain’t going to settle for less
    Regardless of our politics there’s writing on the wall
    So as a people, we must respond to this clarion call.

    © 2013 L Ted Brathwaite


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