Bees on the attack

blpsupporteroncruthcesThe Bees are busy in the keenly contested constituency of Christ Church East.

Two spot meetings were held back to back in Thyme Bottom and on Pilgrim Road.

Bees buzzing on the spot included stalwarts and current candidates such as Druard Symmonds, Reginald Farley, Lynette Eastmond, Rudy Grant and candidate for the area, Wilfred Abrahams.

Symmonds described Abrahams as the “clear choice” and challenged the credentials of Abrahams’ opponent, Denis Lowe. He also took the opportunity to beseech the Barbadian public not to have short memories and recall the measures taken by the DLP in 1991, which resulted in nationwide job loss.

He asked Barbadians not to be confused as the DLP touted untruths about rampant privatisation plans at the hands of the BLP. He said it was imperative that the country look closely at means of improving efficiency and productivity and that it was ultimately a matter of trust in determining which party genuinely had the best interest of Barbadians at heart.

He said this was especially relevant in light of plans revealed by the Minister of Finance and laid in Parliament with respect to the privatisation of entities like the Transport Board, Sanitation Service Authority and the National Housing Corporation.

Farley described the future for the people of Christ Church East as “resting assured” in the hands of Abrahams and described the power of determining whether the country would continue to go down as being in the hands of the people of the constituency.

He stated that the BLP’s campaign was not based on making outlandish promises but on sound plans and policies. Farley stated he had never in his experience “seen breadfruit trees bearing mangoes yet” and so it was inconceivable to him how a party that has proved itself incapable of delivering on such promises in 2008 could be able to do so now in 2013. He cited examples of hotels closing and workers in all categories being sent home as evidence enough of failed plans for developing the country’s tourism product.

Farley also said that so many hotels were boarded up that a tourist thought we were preparing for a hurricane. He declared the constituency was in need of a candidate who could function at the local, national and international level all on the same day, a candidate able to restore the country to its previous status as “a country that punches above its weight”.

That candidate, he assured them, was Abrahams.

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