Where are the Bees?

dlpvotedemsbennbrigadeThe Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South Central, Richard Sealy said late last night that he’s still waiting for the Opposition Barbados Labour Party to “turn up” for the 2013 general elections.

Sealy, who is Minister of Tourism, was addressing a mass meeting at Factory Avenue, in the Pine, in support of his colleague in St. Michael South East, Patrick Tannis.

“The BLP hasn’t put any issues,” he argued.

He accused the Owen Arthur-led Labour Party of making “wild” policies and promises, while urging the residents of St. Michael South East to reject the BLP for this and other reasons.

Sealy also noted that the Opposition had three candidate launches with a price tag of at least $300,000 each.

“And you gine tell me you raising these funds with cake sales and car washes?” he asked.

He advised the electorate to recall Arthur’s promise to the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry last year to privitise various Government agencies.

“Those promises Owen Arthur made last year to the chamber, are rooted in all this money they (BLP) are spending. That is why all of this obscene spending is taking place. Where is all this money coming from?” queried the Cabinet minister.

“We have some serious decisions to make in this election. There are certain faceless money-grabbing interests behind this [privitisation]. The state should not yield provision of public transport, media and water. You have to have a balance.

“We must not [cede] all our interests to those who are only interested in the ‘black’ … the profit. This election is the battle for the soul of Barbados.”

Sealy told the people things in the country were still “extremely” precarious and reminded supporters that the DLP had been able to maintain stability in light of these challenges.

“It will take many decades if we allow this stability to slip back,” he asserted.

Sealy admitted that his party was not happy with some of the increases in the cost of living, but realised what was at stake.

“We may be able to reduce VAT back to 15 per cent,” but added that it can’t be done in a rush.

There were tough decisions, Sealy observed, but they had to be made in the national interest.

“But we will get out of these tough times.”

He promised that the country still found it possible to priortise things in the interest of the people. The minister of tourism suggested that the Freundel Stuart Administration did not have a lot of money, but could still find close to 1,000 housing solutions and would be putting over 2,000 people in a position to get title deeds from National Housing Corporation. (EJ)††

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