Walking the walk

blpgoodingedgehillsavoursIt is all about leadership, says Barbados Labour Party St. Michael West Central candidate Ian Gooding-Edghill.

Speaking at a political meeting last night at Bank Hall Main Road, St. Michael, Gooding-Edghill said the Barbados Labour Party had as its groundings the provision of a better standard and improved quality of life for all Barbadians. He said that was the unquestionable track record of the previous Owen Arthur Administration.

He noted that the BLP had a growth plan to put Barbados back on the road to recovery and the history of the party would show Barbadians that they did not simply “talk talk” but they “walk the talk”. He said in 1994 the Owen Arthur administration found unemployment at 24 per cent and left office in 2008 with that figure at six per cent, the lowest ever in the history of Barbados.

He said Arthur had promised Barbadians 30,000 jobs and had provided them with 35,000. He also noted that after the September 2001 terrorists attack on the United States and the economic fall-out which that eventuated, the policies of the Owen Arthur Administration led to Barbados being put back on a growth path the following year.

He said that in contrast, the Democratic Labour Party seemed comfortable and almost ready to boast that they had achieved no growth in the economy in 2012. Gooding-Edghill noted that such a situation equated to no jobs, job losses, low wages, high prices and reduced spending power.

He noted that under the BLP people had money in their pockets and homeowners were able to improve their properties. He added that walking around St. Michael now presented a picture of urban decay.

He said in such prevailing circumstances, the DLP was asking voters for another term in office and he urged Barbadians to reject them on February 21. (WG)

One Response to Walking the walk

  1. Kay-rani rosita February 13, 2013 at 2:07 am

    If you had any sense of decency, you would bow out.
    In 2008, the BLP left Barbados with crippling debts and the government had to work with what little they had. Considering what they had to work with, they have a done a darn good job, so get off your high horse, and stop with the fabrication.

    You are hurting my ears I am allergic to verbal doo doo.


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