SSA rejoins Agrofest

Showing signs of cooperation.
Showing signs of cooperation.

The theme for this year’s Agrofest is Renewable Energy – Leading the charge into the Future and what better way to embark on sustainable energy solutions than to partner with the Barbados Sanitation Service Authority.

At a press conference held this afternoon at the SSA headquarters at the National Petroleum Corporation in Wildey, St. Michael, Manager of the SSA, Stanton Alleyne, announced that for the second consecutive year the authority would collaborate with Agrofest toward this goal.

He noted that their presence would not only be seen as associated with the disposal of garbage but one of the things that the SSA was very keen about was to cut down the amount of waste going to the landfill as well as educate people on proper waste disposal.

So at Agrofest, being held from February 22 to 24, they will have a number of booths mounted where trained staff will teach people how to get rid of waste either by recycling or waste diversion. Another initiative to be introduced at the showcase will be a renewable energy programme. This programme,† Alleyne explained, would be introduced nationally and was already approved by the Cabinet. It will be done over a few years and would see the SSA examining wind and solar energy at its landfills, explore placing a wind turbine at Mangrove, placing solar panels on the old landfills and getting the gas from the old landfill for a waste-to-gas energy project.

Chief Executive Officer of the Agricultural Society, James Paul, congratulated the SSA for the good work it performed last year and said he believed†it was important for their partnership to continue.

“With the partnership,” he said, “we get the opportunity to explore new areas of cooperation and also for larger events like Agrofest. It gives the opportunity for persons to explore concepts in terms of ‘How do we manage our garbage? How can we be more responsible?’.

“We need to recognise the whole question of garbage separation. I know that we have been talking about it for a number of years, but at Agrofest it is an opportunity to practise that.

“If we can work in things like … how people dispose of their garbage in Barbados, recognise that because it is a big event we do not have to discard the principles of how we deal with our garbage in this country. We need to set an example to persons doing that, because what it does it paves the way for the SSA to institute green strategies†when it comes to garbage collection,” said Paul. (KC)††††

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