Springer still Society’s best

Small but fast.
Small but fast.

The Lodge School pasture was virtually painted purple last Friday as Springer Purple House won Society Primary School’s Inter-House sports for the third year on the trot.

Indeed, over the years Purple House has been the dominant house at the St. John school. They tallied 490 points to Thompson Orange House’s 319 and Forde Green House’s 298.

The star attraction for parents, pupils, teachers and supporters of the school was undoubtedly victor ludorum and Under-13 athlete Tyrese Howard (29 points).

The Springer House youngster had victories in the 100m, 200m, 400m, second place in the 800m, and was also part of his house’s winning 4x100m relay and medley teams. His housemate Ifiya Armstrong was the victrix ludorum (32 points) grabbing victories in the 400m, 200m, 600m, second place in the 100m and she was also part of the victorious medley team.

Forde House’s Under-11 athlete Rononica Goddard was the outstanding girl in her division copping wins in the 200m and 400m. Nafeesa Codrington ran a great 100m to take the victory in this division.

Thompson House’s and joint victor ludorum Damiko Forde (29 points) was the top boy among the Under-11s getting wins in the 100m, 200m and a second place in the 400m which was won by Ilah Trinity Armstrong.

Among the Under-9 girls, Keiara Harewood of Springer House finished first in the 100m, 150m and 80m as well as placed second in the cricket-ball throw which was won by Shimian Holder, also of Springer House.

The small roll at the school necessitated the combining of some age groups and in the joint Under-9 and -11 4x100m relay, Harewood was part of the winning team. The top boy in this category was Omega Georges of Springer House with victories in the 80m and 100m and a third place in the 150m, which was won by Thompson House’s Adonjah Howard.

Among the Under-7 athletes, yet another of the Armstrong family, Izena, performed well. The Forde House athlete won the 50m and also the obstacle event, the bean and basket race.

Other good performances came from Terryka Harris (Thompson House), Joel Lovell (Forde House) and Devon Haynes (Thompson) in the novelty events.

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