Revelry and merriment

trinicarnivalgladiatorAsh Wednesday tomorrow will be a day of recovery for the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, but today as Carnival Tuesday swung into full effect, it was yet another day of revelry and merriment.

The National Carnival Bands Association of Trinidad and Tobago was on the road with revellers today streaming the action first hand to the globe, and by mid-afternoon had over 35,400 views and was steadily climbing, with several tuning in from the cold, cold north, London and other parts.

One American viewer even remarked, “Can’t believe I’m here freezing, while my party crew from Maryland, DC Virginia and New York down there”, as revellers jumped to SuperBlue’s Fantastic Friday and Machel’s Float.

The two tunes seemed competing at “brek-neck” speed again for Carnival Tuesday as bands crossed many judging points, just as the major newspapers had reported for the Carnival Monday action.

As is customary, the bands were colourful and the revellers seemed to be enjoying the music to the maximum. The creativity that went into some of the costumes was simply commendable, as were the stunning blend of colours on the road — blue, green, purple, orange, bronze, gold, yellow, pink and the colours were never-ending. (LB)

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