RAV-ing over 2013 model

Testing new features.
Testing new features.

One of Toyota’s most popular sports utility vehicles, the RAV 4, was unveiled to Barbados this evening.

The short, but glitzy, ceremony at the showroom of local Toyota agent, Nassco Limited, was attended by a number of past RAV 4 buyers, who returned to the River Road complex to view the features of the 2013 model.

“This model is completely different from the old RAV 4 that our customers are accustomed to,” said Sales Director Roger Moore. “The shape, slick lines and the absence of the door-mounted spare tyre at the back are all features that create a new look to the vehicle.”

In addition, the 2013 model features a lift back tailgate, instead of the tradition swing-out design, creating a revolutionary look, Moore added.

toyota2013rogermooreAccording to Moore, the nine colours from which customers have to choose aid the vehicle to maintain its name as a most impressive recreational activity vehicle, “with its impressive new styling and roomy and comfortable interior”.

The RAV 4 has been in production by the world’s number one auto maker for 19 years. (RRM)

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