Promises kept

dlpmarathompsonwavesThe Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. John has kept her promises to provide better roads and houses for constituents.

To date, roads in Kendal, Featherbed Lane, Cox Hill to Cliff, Guinea Tenantry, Fortesque, College Savannah, Constant, Glenburnie, Venture, Edge Cliff, Clifton Hall, Cliff Cottage, Bath, have been completed while the Bowmanston to Todds junction and Haynes Hill are under construction, Mara Thompson reported last night at in a meeting in Massiah Street.

She noted that the roads had improved the lives of many people and she publicly thanked Minister of Transport and Works John Boyce, despite what she said were the headaches he gave her.

Regarding housing, the incumbent who is contesting her first general election after winning the rural riding in the January 2011 by-election, said that housing solutions had been provided for 63 families with 31 new houses built, repairs done to about 56 homes while 20 homes were wired for electricity and 15 painted.

“As you can well imagine, our constituency like others was severely impacted by the passage of Tropical Storm Tomas. We did what we thought was necessary with the limited resources. I want to thank the people who benefitted for their patience as we undertook repairs to those houses and for those who are still awaiting assistance I ask you too to be patient,” she said and noted this issue was receiving her urgent attention.

She said the matter of land was the “most pleasing” part of her report to her constituents. “I’ve been informed by the Ministry of Housing and Lands that the $5 lots have been allocated. I’ve already received calls from persons who’ve been called to confirm their details and I feel very good about this as it is my late husband who had petitioned for over 14 years for access to land for the people of St. John.

“Just like the punishments meted out in respect of the polyclinic, it took a DLP Government to be in office for any of this to become a reality. I’ve also received calls from those who are disappointed, but the fact of the matter is there are so many more applicants than they are lots. So you can be consoled by the fact that the housing programme of the Democratic Labour Party does not end here. You’ll get your lot too,” she assured.

Thompson spoke too of other areas of improvement across the rural constituency such as the polyclinic, now in the final stages of construction, which would bear the name of her husband, The David Thompson Health and Social Services Complex; the new post office in Four Roads which would include an ATM; the construction of the community centre in Gall Hill; refurbishment of the community centre in Kendal; and the refurbishment of The Lodge School.

She also spoke about things done to uplift the communities and foster community spirit which include various sports tournaments and a carnival on Errol Barrow Day. “We’ve been motivating and mobilising our seniors, getting them out to the centres at Gall Hill and St. Mark’s Church Hall to participate in all sorts of stimulating activities.

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