‘Nasty and depraved’

ronaldjonesonalexandrasabotageThe conduct of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party has “sparked fire” from the tongue of the Minister of Education Ronald Jones for its “nasty and depraved” brand of politics.

In a passionate speech last night at Factory Avenue, Pinelands, aimed at backing the candidature of St. Michael South East parliamentary prospect, Patrick Tannis, the incumbent MP for Christ Church East Central said politics had been taken to its lowest level during the 14 years of “rulership” of the former Owen Arthur Government.

“Owen Arthur must be left outside the gates and everyone of those who line up besides him,” insisted Jones.

He said the corned beef and biscuits politics “where you sat down and make a joke before … and now we have all of this crass behaviour [are over]. You know what is driving politics in Barbados today, young men are being debased by people offering them $200.

“They are saying to young men take your cell phone and go into the (voting) booth and take a picture of your vote and when you come back out and show us, then you would be paid. All this nastiness is happening by the BLP. I reject this out of hand,” stated Jones.

“Owen only feels he can contribute when he is in charge. We must dismiss that, along with the people of St. Peter. Owen must be left outside the gates and everyone of those who line up beside him,” Jones pointed out.

“This country is a tolerant country and long may it remain so. In other places during the 14 year tenure of Arthur, persons would have resorted to behaviour which we would not want, especially when we have seen our banking assets, our patrimony being frittered away,” he observed.

The former educator said he preferred to build up people, but that what the country was getting was a level of nastiness which only the constituents could stop by putting an X against those who don’t stand for such “depravity and wickedness”.

“I can promise you a new nursery school, but what happens to the minds of our children when their minds are poisoned by what they see. What is all of that when the soul of the nation is destroyed?” asked the minister.

“The journey is not yet completed, there is a lot more to do. That which has brought us safe, we should not change. The Democratic Labour Party has brought us safe [through the rough times],” reasoned the Christ Church East Central candidate.

In a light-hearted moment, he said he thought he saw horns coming out of Arthur’s head during a sitting of Parliament on one occasion, adding: “Arthur is not good for this country.” (EJ)

3 Responses to ‘Nasty and depraved’

  1. Kay-rani rosita February 13, 2013 at 1:35 am

    I wholeheartedly agree Owen Arthur is not good for this country. Sadly, he is not good for Owen Arthur he needs saving from himself

  2. Nia Brathwaite February 13, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Funny how the DLP is trying to turn the tables this time around. In 2008 it was the DLP perpetrating these misdeeds that Ronald Jones is alluding to. I know first hand of recepients of $200 wrapped inside of a “we wid dem” shirt and this time around, a friend of mine received $400 from a DLP MP as well as a promise of a tablet (ipad or samsung) if he provided evidence of voting for said MP. I personally have heard no such reports regarding any BLP candidates thus far. It could very well be occuring but I have no evidence of such.

  3. Kay-rani rosita February 15, 2013 at 2:34 am

    I hope that you are not just repeating what you were told or heard, but that you actually have proof of this, for instance, you saw said MP transferring the money from his or her hand to the hand of your friend, and you also heard them made a promise to your friend.
    Not personally hearing something does not mean it did not or does not happen


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