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dlppmthumbsupPrime Minister Freundel Stuart has told Barbadians, he called the February 21 general elections at the right time.

“The election was called by me when I thought it was the right time for Barbadians. It was coming at the right time, because I believe the country was well prepared,” Stuart, the candidate for St. Michael South, informed a mass meeting last night at Factory Avenue, Pinelands in solidarity with candidate for St. Michael South East, Patrick Tannis.

Against this background, the Prime Minister appealed to resident to be “very careful” about the choices they made.

“Politics is often treated like a spectator sport and not taken very serious. You have to be very careful about the choices you make in politics, because making the wrong ones could be very costly,” he advised supporters, who gave him a rousing welcome.

“Some people are behaving as if politics is a gladiator sport. This madness where somebody, wake them up one morning, hot and sweaty, if that is possible… If Errol Barrow or Cameron Tudor had done that, we would not be where we are today,” asserted the Government leader.

He drew reference to Tannis’ opponent, Santia Bradshaw, whom he suggested was not prepared for politics. The incumbent St. Michael South MP, applied the rationale that “since” Bradshaw’s contribution in the Senate was just routine and of very little merit, then she could hardly have any contribution of substance to make to the constituents in St. Michael South East.

“She is not prepared for politics. Yet they want to preside over the destiny of you. She has inherited it from her father (Delisle Bradhaw); for after loitering around Parliament for sometime, [he] did not leave any legacy,” Prime Minister Stuart claimed.

His message was that the electorate was faced with the choice of voting for a candidate who was “merely” looking to get something on her curriculum vitae or some one, such as home grown boy, Tannis, who was seeking to make a contribution to the development of the people and country.

“Political choices are not Sunday school games,” declared Stuart.

The Prime Minister told the crowd that if Tannis was a member of the BLP he could not have spoken on his behalf because the Owen Arthur-led party had nothing on which he could speak.

“I lead the most advanced developing country in the free world. When you vote for Tannis, you are not only voting for a person, you are voting for a set of values,” submitted the Cabinet chairman.

He concluded by telling the meeting of three major goals being pursued by the ruling DLP and which would continue, if re-elected — “an economically viable Barbados, a socially balanced Barbados and a Barbados which was environmentally sound”.

“Every vote counts,” he said. “Do not take the votes for granted.” (EJ)

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