Make promises real

We are all accustomed to promises being made by our friends, loved ones and employees or employer. Most of the time we don’t expect these promises to materialise and whether they do or not we go about our lives as we have to and I guess prepare ourselves for the next false promise.

There is a saying that a promise is a comfort to a fool, so if that is true then Barbados is full of them.

For years we listen to the promises of politicians who want to promise us the moon and the stars and everything else under the sun. Nothing more makes the human mind tick than the possibility of making money. We also have a saying that money makes the mare fly so prepare yourselves for a sky full of horses.

Truthfully, I am more looking for a sky full of bull or horse manure more than the horses themselves. I am watching people on both sides of the political fence lap up the promises of the politicians daily. Is it that we as a people are so gullible and so transparent that politicians know all they have to do is say vote for me and I promise you the universe and they have us doing as they want?

When will the day come when we will see the most important part of any political drive come out and ask very tough questions of these candidates? The voters are the ones who should be demanding some sort of forum with the candidates and getting some answers.

I am one who is for public debates and question and answer forums. Since every man and woman on the voters list can’t all at once pack a stadium and ask questions, I am for a media organised one.

I have asked the question before and will ask it again: Are we going to be voting through anger and frustration, or are we voting with a clear and calm mind? I never want to call a winner this toss but I must say I wished there was more time left, and not just over a week.

I am being so entertained by these candidates that when it is over I will be counting the years for the next campaign. Both sides have used the most powerful weapon around to get people out. That weapon is called music. I am waiting to see which side has big plans for music and music makers. Do any of them see how music can draw crowds and in doing so generate income?

We already know the incumbent Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley, but should the DLP regain power will Freundel retain him as culture minister? My next question will be who on the BLP ticket will take up the ministry if they should win. Will Mia Mottley be back in that post again? We know she has a big interest in music and culture but will she be willing to take up the portfolio and try her best to make something special happen for us.

There is also Santia Bradshaw who is very much a lover of and a builder in the entertainment sector, so she too may be a worthy culture minister. All I ask for is a lot more assistance and respect along with progression for the sector. It is more than deserved as entertainers are responsible for a major part of your political campaigns.

Finally I just want to ask that candidates on either side make more logical promises and stop making Barbadians seem silly as we once again fall for your false promises. We are all living in hope and wanting to see these promises come to life. It is in no way fair that you continuously fool us so you can draw huge salaries and wear fancy suits in the Parliament. Make some promises a reality.

I am sure that most of these candidates are hoarse now from shouting these promises and cussing out each other of course, but again here is to hoping they screamed and shouted with some genuine words coming from their mouths. I have been practising my “X” in square boxes recently so I am well prepared to not vote for you fake ones so keep it real and my “X” may land in your box February 21.

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  1. Luther Ted Brathwaite February 14, 2013 at 10:37 am

    A Nation Prepares

    As our nation prepares for a new political chapter
    Due diligence is necessary before the X hereinafter
    Demand of candidates their vision and policy impacts too
    Ask specific questions when they make promises to you.

    Where are our leaders going?
    Show us the light
    Don’t perseverate on wrongdoing,
    Share plans to make things right
    We know the might of the corporate clan
    But if we are to go forward,
    Bajans need governance with a plan.

    Candidates should not engage in comedy
    But tell us of initiatives to improve the economy:
    Jobs, healthcare, agriculture and the fishery
    Law and order with support for youth and the elderly.

    Pollution is an issue that will impact health care
    And transportation needs regulation everywhere;
    We need measures to address the gold rush and praedial larceny
    By the 21st of February, both parties should be ready.

    If we randomly pick any letter from the alphabet
    It could raise issues of both hope and regret
    So let’s put the past behind us and get a clear view
    Of what for the masses our politicians really plan to do.

    Will you improve efforts in dealing with the IMF?
    Must we all sacrifice a little in order to do our best?
    I want to believe we ain’t going to settle for less
    Regardless of our politics there’s writing on the wall
    So as a people, we must respond to this clarion call.

    © 2013 L Ted Brathwaite


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