Five more, please!

dlpmaraestherFive years is not enough for the Democratic Labour Party to complete the work it set out to do in 2008.

In stating their case for another five years to run the affairs of this country last night, St. George South candidate, Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, told the crowd in Massiah Street, St. John, that they did not have a lot of money but the little they had they made it work for the people.

“We’re asking you to get up and go to the polls on February 21 and when you go to the polls we’re asking you to consider that there’s one party and only one party that has taken a little bit and shown an intention to work for you.

“We ask you to consider that we have been able to do so much in a short time with a little bit, imagine what we can do in a little more time when you give it to us and a little more resources when our policies start to kick in and we start to see the turnaround in the economy, imagine what else we can do for you because when it comes to political will we have it.

“Here in St. John, Mara has the will for you. In St. George South my people know that I’ve been working for them even with a little. Across Barbados the Democratic Labour Party is the best bet for you,” said Byer-Suckoo.

In listing some of the achievements, the Minister of Labour noted that under the Freundel Stuart Administration, the minimum wage had been increased to $250 and it was their intention to raise it again when they were returned to office.

As it stood, the law only dealt with a minimum wage for shop assistants and ideally the law should include all categories of workers, and this too would be amended, she said.

“That could have been done in 14 years of plenty. The minimum wage could have been higher. They didn’t do that. We increased pensions, they didn’t do that.This is the Government that cares for you. This is the Government that started a $10 million retraining fund because we knew that when you were unemployed you needed to get new skills to take up the new jobs because when the recession is over some new jobs are coming, not the same jobs but some new jobs. We wanted you to get the skills, we put money there for you.

“We’re coming back to that retraining fund and we’re going to use it so that the young people can tap into that … and get some jobs. This is what the Democratic Labour Party did for you.

The Minister of Labour also said the DLP increased the unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 40 weeks and implemented the child care fund to help parents and their children. (DS)

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