Country being run like bad business

Sometimes I wonder if politicians really believe what they are saying or they speak, hoping to catch the listener half asleep. Imagine railing against the slogan, “more money in your pocket”. Which do they prefer, “more money in your pocket” or should it be “more air in your belly”?

Then we heard that the country is being run like a business. What does that mean? Does it mean that both the country and too many businesses are paying out more money than they are taking in?

That is true of the Government and maybe some businesses. Unlike the Government, however, which can fall back on the wealth of the NIS, no such possibility exists for the average business.

I posit that neither the Government nor any business can continue to run on the fuel of debt. Sooner or later only the fumes of despair will cause either or both to fold. Yes, the country is being run like a business — a badly run business.

— Michael Rudder

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  1. Angela May 30, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    That is exactly what’s happening, we’ve bought into the deception that running on debt is ok. Look at the world financial crisis that happened.

    Most people are not aware that the taxes they pay goes to pay the country’s debt. Taxes don’t improve roads, hospitals etc. To improve a country’s quality of life must start with the people.


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