Bands backing SuperBlue on the road

regionalsuperbluereturnPORT OF SPAIN – There was no doubt Austin SuperBlue Lyons’ Fantastic Friday was the official choice of all the bands at Adam Smith Square, Port-of-Spain, yesterday. From as early as 11 am, every band rang out the veteran’s comeback hit as they crossed the judging point, and masqueraders chanted, “Water and powder” as they jumped along the route.

Although spectators were few in the stands, the song seemed to also be a favourite of theirs and tourists who lined the square. They were often seen singing along, word for word, to the song. There was no doubt SuperBlue left Machel Montano’s Float — Fantastic Friday’s main contender — playing catch-up.

The bands seen at this judging point yesterday included Anthony Stafford’s Euphoria Sister Isle and Legacy’s Trinidad to Rio, designed by Michael Big Mike Antoine and Juliet de la Bastide. They presented 15 sections. Also chipping along the route was Ronnie and Caro’s Mystery of the Cascadura.

Veteran children’s designer Rosalind Gabriel also proudly presented her winning band Lost in Paradise — the only children’s band seen at the square yesterday. Other adult bands included Veni and Friends, Just Friends, whose production was titled Broadway, Godfrey Enile’s Kitch — a tribute to calypsonian Aldwyn Lord Kitchener Roberts–and K2K Alliance and Partners’ The Human Race. (Trinidad Guardian)

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