Not for Cultural Industries Bill

We of the Concerned Creative Citizens Group, of which there are 1,248 members, have noticed recently that it has been made public that the much touted Cultural Industries Bill, now renamed the Cultural Industries Development Bill, has been approved by Cabinet and is ready to be passed as soon as possible.

We would at this point like to make it very clear that there are still many aspects of this bill with much that we are not in agreement with, and that we reject completely the inference that all creatives have been consulted on the contents on this Bill, resulting in an outcome which all parties involved have agreed upon.

Creatives by nature are not politically driven, and as such, we care not which party wins the election as it pertains to the future of culture and the arts in Barbados.

We stand for what must be a bill which presents a win-win scenario to all involved, and as such, whether the DLP retains the Government, or the BLP is voted back into power, we would like to let both parties know that this is the only way a bill of this importance should be allowed to be approved of by Cabinet and passed by

Parliament – when all creatives have had the opportunity to go over all elements of such an important document, and be involved in meaningful, intelligent dialogue with those in power and with whom such great responsibility lies.

This is not just for those of us for whom creativity is our profession and only source of income, but this is for the future of those in the creative arts who will follow in the years ahead.

– John Roett

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