No stoppin’ Toppin

blptoppinmotorcadeIt was not a motorcade to celebrate a victory, yet many constituents were prepared to identify with Barbados Labour Party candidate, Ronald Toppin, as a winner on Saturday as he made a tour of half of the constituency.

Toppin pointed out that initially he had hired one truck, but so many people had assembled at the campaign office to accompany him on the tour that he was forced to hire two additional trucks.

Then on Sunday he made a tour of the other half of the constituency, and on this occasion in addition to the three trucks, there were a number of cars in the procession.

During the tour, the party’s paraphernalia was handed out, with many of the people who lined the streets asking for the party’s signature red T-shirts.

Toppin, who has been a Member of Parliament for the past 19 years, said the response of the crowd surprised him.

He told Barbados TODAY that he would be making another tour of the constituency this weekend. (NC)

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  1. Denise February 12, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    put some licks in Depeiza


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